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we are all connected

we are all connected


Acrylic on 12"X14" stretched canvas, 0.5" thick. 



  • Shipping

    Please select the mode of shipping appropriate to the item you are purchasing! Refer to the letter/code found in the item description.

    I package each item for shipment and want to ensure that you receive your art in the best condition possible. Shipping costs include the packaging such as boxes or envelopes as well as additional padding [if applicable] along with the cost of postage according to dimensions and weight. 

    The following are the different shipping options available: 

    SP - Shipping Rate for “Small Pieces” include stretched canvas sizes up to 12”X14

    MP - Shipping rate for “Medium Pieces” include stretched canvas sizes from 16”X24 and up

    P&S - For lighter paper goods such as prints and/or stickers please choose the Shipping Option for “Prints and Stickers” 

    Item will be packaged with care and shipped within 6-12 business days. When packing and shipping these Xue DiMaggio Art Originals every precaution will be taken in order to ensure that the piece arrives safely. However, due to the nature of these pieces, if a piece somehow experiences damage in the shipping process we cannot offer a replacement or a refund. 

    p.s. If you are local (in the 805 area) you have the option of picking your painting up, please contact me if this is your preference.

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